Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fuck a Duck!!!

I'll make it easy on my fan-girls. I'm not trolling you nor am I fucking with any of you at this current time on CM. I can do that right here. You know me but you don't know me yet again, I haven't decided if I will come back or not and...

Just kidding! I care a little. I <3 you bitches. Another note since you are all so interested and to clear it up because I don't like being associated with it, I'm also not Youcantseeme666. I'm disappointed I had to address it.

And one last thing on this particular entry. Hooray to me for 1oo posts!!! I personally think there is something admirable about how much of a drama whore I am. Dedication people. Get it.


  1. I actually do like you, but I don't really believe bandz was your first SN...I wish I knew what was.

  2. Ha! i hope you come back!