Monday, February 24, 2014

Jenna Vega aka 504, why you want to report my blog?

I rarely mention you and yet here your whore ass is in my mail. I thought you said you don't report anything? Are you mad this blog hasn't focused on you in the past? Fuck off ya washed up stripper turned cheap $300 a night escort.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Misymac/Kathy Duggar is a bad bad bad liar and from what I hear an obsessed psycho who has a crush on her son!

This shit got brought to my blog and this is a favor for a devoted and wonderful reader. Thanks for the messages on this and you're right, this old twat is dumb as fuck.

Misymac isn't Deb C, Dannah C, and her possible real name isn't Kathy Duggar? I can't prove the real name but I was told she deleted her Facebook page with that name on it when her latest stalking started. Deleted it mad quick, bitches.

If it isn't all the same then why do I have all this? You click the Dannah name is goes back to Deb C. And you are obviously still obsessed with AllieKat? I heard a rumor why she has been quiet and I don't think you'd like why.  Delete all the posts on CM you want because they can be brought back. <3

Anything else you wanna lie about?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Kathy Duggar/Dannah C/ Deb C/misymac wanted her question answered NOW!

I thought I mentioned I work now and on top of that it has been incredibly boring lately. Weekends only whores! I keep an eye on the comments and my mail through here. Apparently, I am not jumping to answer her and that means anything she says is right. I'm assuming it is this same woman through the previous drama around the accused and the pure craziness of the person hiding behind these names. Let's take a moment to address this and talk about what we know about Ms JoJo Mayers from Ohio. Correct me if the name is wrong. For those about to get mad she has no problem posting others information on here and other sites. I also assume it's her because she is furious that her near Ms Bateman perverted obsession with her grown son has been pointed out.

Here is your very own post, bitch! An answer to your stupid fucking question too as a bonus! <3

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Send in some stuff for me to post!!!

Send me some screenshots, a love letter, or any comments and questions you might have! My super special secret contact info is over there! ---->

I love talking to you bitches! Don't be scared, as long as you don't suck like the few people I have given a hard time to, we can be the best of friends! No uggos allowed! Point me to where the drama is or if you have a secret you can't stand to keep I'll be a big mouthed bitch for you!

Thanks to all my lovely readers, you all don't suck that much.

<3 PandaBear