Friday, February 21, 2014

Kathy Duggar/Dannah C/ Deb C/misymac wanted her question answered NOW!

I thought I mentioned I work now and on top of that it has been incredibly boring lately. Weekends only whores! I keep an eye on the comments and my mail through here. Apparently, I am not jumping to answer her and that means anything she says is right. I'm assuming it is this same woman through the previous drama around the accused and the pure craziness of the person hiding behind these names. Let's take a moment to address this and talk about what we know about Ms JoJo Mayers from Ohio. Correct me if the name is wrong. For those about to get mad she has no problem posting others information on here and other sites. I also assume it's her because she is furious that her near Ms Bateman perverted obsession with her grown son has been pointed out.

Here is your very own post, bitch! An answer to your stupid fucking question too as a bonus! <3


  1. Nice to know you're still around Panda ;) Anymore names you like to give me?

  2. I heard you have to get on dating sites to find dick and still fail, misymac. What is the site called? Meet u? Someone help me out here. Do you advertise for eiffel towers with your man son? You and MeMe rock his world on the weekends?

  3. Meet Up, real name is Kathy something, I can provide you with it in about a week.

  4. Don’t you know that everyone os everyone else on cm, you are never who you say you are, your always going to be someone fake, drama, stalking and general fuckery is what makes cm go around. FFS.

    You can relate to this Panda.

  5. Sorry Kathy, you're on your own with that one. I can't relate to sad old women who are too crazy and retarded to properly describe. I'm only entertaining this old ass drama as a favor. It was a costly favor too. More than she knows. I'd rather talk about MeMe and her recent lies about being hacked. Last time time it was phone calls right? <3

  6. by princessonpaperSloth on Feb. 23, 2014 at 12:36 PM
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    I don't want to keep up on them, it's by force. Dannah is misy, I know this from reading said stupid blogs. She keeps commenting on them and I'm just curious why she doesn't keep all her groups under one sn.

    As for the rest of you... You're pretty.

    Mmmmm.................... NO..

  7. princessonpaperSloth aka AllieKat