Saturday, February 1, 2014

Send in some stuff for me to post!!!

Send me some screenshots, a love letter, or any comments and questions you might have! My super special secret contact info is over there! ---->

I love talking to you bitches! Don't be scared, as long as you don't suck like the few people I have given a hard time to, we can be the best of friends! No uggos allowed! Point me to where the drama is or if you have a secret you can't stand to keep I'll be a big mouthed bitch for you!

Thanks to all my lovely readers, you all don't suck that much.

<3 PandaBear


  1. Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska.
    It took me a while to figure you out. Deny it here if you want to (you are going to anyway) but I finally put the puzzle together.
    Hilarious that you of all people would be one of the sad, pathetic, people blogging about cafemom.

    I don't expect this comment to stay up, you wouldn't want all of your friends knowing who is really running this blog. :)

    1. I thought everyone already knew bandz runs this shit?

    2. Bandz does run this shit. Bandz is a fake for someone. She made that pretty obvious with the 20,000 different screenames she had. Iron has such a massive love for self destruction and fake profiles it wouldn't surprise me one bit if this blog is her too.

  2. why take our fun away.. let us keep playing 'Guess who'... lol

  3. The comment can stay, it amuses me.

  4. I DESPISE CM ADMIN! They show favoritism, how ever the fuck you spell it. "Popular" CMers can have their violated posts up for as long as they want, while noobs get their shit deleted all the time. CM ADMIN ARE ASSHOLES! IDGAF, what you all think about my comment, I just can't say it CM. Fuck you CM ADMIN!!

  5. Seriously, who posts pictures of their kids on the toilet on FB?