Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rumor has it...

Iron.Beauty is out reporting and deleting everything and everyone. I'm shocked and appalled! Shocked! I bet she hates that she can't do that everywhere she hangs out. I feel bad that Vixsins has to put up with her fat ass. Do me a favor ladies and ask her if her children helped her with that little porn star craft she pinned to her wal-mart tank. I'm suspecting she let the oldest do the glue and pinning parts. At least she is doing family craft time, right?

PrimmednPunked no, you may not have dibs on this drama. You were invited to have your picture voted on for the stripper polls. Sit down, man-face.

Would you give this a dollar? Since I never got to ask on CM and someone wants to be part of the group so badly.

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