Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I know she likes to read and repost entries in her group. In honor of Trilliandent42!!! The Story of Dog Fucker! (Thanks for the entry!)

The Infamous Hard Candy The Infamous Hard Candy

The story of DOG FUCKER !

 I will tell you how it all started !

When franny had the old PW our head Admin Amber thought it would be cool to let all the admins fight for there reds kinda of a bash fest it been done before then if you proved you were a good admin you got them back ..
Well Dog fucker (TRILL) she was bent out of shape over it see she isn't a real bitch by trade but a fake one that would ride a bitch's tail when someone was called out so we were all in there doing what we did but she was all bent over it and whined and cried the whole time 
So after the whole thing we rode her ass about it all day long how she couldn't keep up with it and so on and so on So one day she started on ME Stupid stupid move about how im old and shouldn't be on cafemom and its my menopause bullshit lalalala and how her being a EX STRIPPER in a honky tonk bar picking up penny's with her over stretched twat was  making her a good living .. yeah right maybe if she was in the AKC Kennel club but then again you have to have a pedigree not being a mutt .. 

It al goes back too this see when your A HURT ADMIN FOR PW(old one) YOU BECOME A GROUP OWNER steal shit from other groups and make fun at old members you admin with ..  But like all the ones before her it will fail .. i mean really she is a EX STRIPPER / DOG GROOMER  now .. 
And that is the story of dog fucker .
So that I know who the hell everyone is talking about, can someone give me a hint or PM telling me who dog fucker is please? I read a lot about this person and have no frikking clue who it is. 
Trill the owner of DI 
the admin fail 
the cry baby of cafemom 
the back stabbing bitch 
the lying snake 
need i say more is that enough for right now


  1. ilovecloudydays or something I think is "dog fucker" she made a post about it once. I think it's somewhere in the CafeFails tumblr page

  2. wait, so does that mean that Trill is Cloudy?

  3. No not the same person. They call her dog fucker because she is overly proud of grooming dogs for a living.

  4. I was wondering if she had a previous profile. Thanks anon for the down low.

  5. Cloudy was called that because of a troll post she made saying she was caught fucking her dog or something. I can't remember exactly, I thought it was pretty funny lol.

  6. Fucking blowheart.. Didn’t you make more money as a stripper Trilli?

    I recently found out I should be ASHAMED.
    Of grooming dogs... Of being able to make $30+ an hour, when I feel like making money.

    anal glands- $5 with groom, $10 alone
    teeth brushing- $10
    nail trim- comes with groom- $10 alone
    nail polish- $6 with nail trim or groom
    nail grinding- $5 with nail trim or groom- $10 alone
    paw balm application- $5
    Paw-dicure- $10 with nail trim or groom
    Brushout- comes with groom- $15 for 15 minutes alone
    Dematting- *contact for more information* typically, $5 per 15 minutes
    ear cleaning- comes with groom- $5 alone
    Hot oil treatment- $5-15
    Specialty Shampoos and Conditioners- $5-15

  7. I'm pretty sure ass play costs are the same in both the professions she has picked. Way to aim high!