Thursday, October 10, 2013

Note on the Trilliandent, Iron Beauty (Devil's Icebox) VS mom2_3blessings/Gina (Misfits) fight!


  1. I posted earlier about mom2_3blessings having screenshots of trilliandent24 saying she loved one child more than the other and she posted them in Misfats. No big deal it's CM a lot of people do it. It's been pointed out that they were from a year ago. Not sure about you, but that's is creepy. Sure, we are Cm and never forget but who uses year old info for ammo in a new fight over.... wait why are they fighting again?

    1. I was told the fight started over them spamming Gina's post after moving it to admin and changing the title. Then Gina changed Iron's post. And then just back and forth of petty shit.

    2. It was really petty stupid shit. Ginas post was edited with her 'admitting' to being a child basher (which she HAS ADMITTED MULTIPLE TIMES), after a bunch of other BS she spewed all over the place. We had been spamming the post for ranks, just kind of fucking with her, it was out in the open, then she came in and changed it to say Twisted.Jesters kids were retarted or some shit like that (i'd have to go look in the admin forum for the exact wording of what she said) and THEN we changed it to say "hi my name is gina and I'm a child bashing POS'. She got pissed and edited Irons post.