Thursday, October 10, 2013

I think I will blog it! (Link to alleged edited comment in comment section)



    Those who don't want to click it is a post by Iron Beauty reading, "My kid has downs I wish I aborted him. :) My kid is such a loser. Has any of you ever felt this way?"

    Shout out to The Throne for the alleged edited comment screenshot.

  2. Go look at the throne for the REAL story, not this bullshit.

  3. The real story that mom2_3blessings edited a post to say sick shit about a special needs child and made it look like his mother posted it? I'm checking...Yeah following the posts here, on the throne, and replies the timeline this all fits together. Same story unfolding during the day...

    Oh hay look! There is also a link to the throne. Get your panties untwisted, cunt wad.