Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Since everyone is busy not caring...

All the posts about my account being gone can suck my dick. If you really think the blogs are just big groups that CM doesn't rule over you are stealing my shit for activity. Stop muddying up my coattails by hitching a ride on them for your fail ass "bitch" groups.

1. I'm not LadyBeaver nor do I know her, just like Lonna. I did wonder if she was Lonna at one point but my inbox would have been filled if it were.

2. Multiple posts in multiple groups about that account being deleted. I don't need to say much more but it is really funny.

3. I can't prove it but mamalovesall and iron.beauty are at the top of my "Pussy Hurt Bitches List." More to come at a later date. For laughs and I know you all are looking. Blogger shows activity to me, so don't try lying. I <3 you too.

4. Please do something interesting. I can't give you all your drama, it's not my fault CM has been slow as fuck.

5. Penis.

And lastly,

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