Friday, January 31, 2014

Fails & Funny blogger either Iron Beauty or her little real life friend... Which do you pick!?

 This has been sitting in my inbox since I took over this little blog. I believe Iron Beauty runs the Fails & Funnies blog and always has. Since it was pussy deleted and brought back, that screams Iron if you have ever been in a bitch group with her. Let us see who that friend might be and then I say the two can figure it out from there. Perhaps it is even sadder because it sucks and it is a team effort. Pitiful, ladies. By ladies I mean only Iron. She has admitted to blogging before and said she felt like a back stabbing bitch. I am  a little insulted she thinks we are all that fucking stupid.

Why else would Iron post about a rumor that is causing her marital issues to get more activity for Fails & Funnies? The screenshots of that conversation are already posted. She admits to having a drama blog before, if you believe she actually shut that shit down.The blogger happens to know her on CM and IRL? How very convenient for her and her friend and to top it off Iron shows her love of fake profiles too.

Why else did that fail fuck of a stupid blog shut down? Were the screenshots from the cell phone going to get you caught? There is some of the information I have. I have more hours at work now so it took a little longer to get this up after the poll. I'm rarely wrong about these types of things.

You're welcome ladies. My promise to my devoted bitch readers is to get that bit of fail shut the fuck back down again. You cannot be a CM drama blogger and be a pussy, only have one. Funny, no one likes you on CM and no one likes your blog and no one is going to give your ratchet broke ass money for a cheap shitty house for you to sit and collect more welfare in.

Since you like lying and making up stories, especially if the topic is you, what was the name of your other blog if it isn't Fails & Funnies?


  1. Go read the post I just put up on my blog. I am very sorry you and IB have such issues but I am not her and she and I have not truly been friends for a long time.

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  3. By your own profile Panda Bear you have only been blogging since 2012.. Why such a hard on for Iron? Why keep beating a dead horse?

  4. Why such a hard on for AlliKat, Dannah C.? We can see what happened to "Amanda's," I mean, Iron' s blog. Why for did you delete every post? For a person so interested in who I am, you think you would have sent me a message? I think I like being the best. She's a funny bitch. I'm a funny bitch. <3

  5. lmao.. you're accused of being half of CM... & the Honey are the best ..