Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween is over and CM is still boring as fuck!

I have been on and reading. It is even more of the same old shit on a different equally shitty day. The trolls suck. There is only so much I can laugh at the dumb twats when they aren't doing anything new. OooOooOOooo glorytojehovah is back. Fuck her she can dry hump her bible. Most the bitch groups are the same and have been for years. And the most vocal on Cm, some of them not all, their personalities are regurgitations of past members or something they have seen on tv.

You have your cool down to earth bitches, your absolute mouth breathing crusty panty wearing retards, ugly whores who were lied to and told they were pretty because they put out, the try too hards, attention whores and their mouth breathing minions, sanctimommies, the doormats who will give a bj if their husband tells them they are a horrible person, and the list goes on. None of these bitches are doing anything worth me getting off my ass and posting it.

Group wars? Stupid.

504? Some of you do have ugly kids and need to consider suicide. Just saying half the time she is right and you can only talk about someone so much before you look like a stalker. I really think some of these obsessed with her have closet lesbian crushes.

Suicide threats and rape stories? Over it.

The dude? Don't care.

Those are just a few of the most popular submissions on the blogs. Ugh, we should all slap ourselves. That being said, my delicious little Pop Tarts, let us use this spot for ideas on what kind of stuff we want to see on here. Just about anything is fair game. I will go by each situation differently when I decide to post.

I want:

Questions about cm users, and drama. We might not know of it or a detail you know. Bring it up for discussion and I will write a little background on the drama and get everyone involved.

Since CM doesn't like us saying who we dislike on the site, I'm considering a spot for a list just like that. Why? Because it is fun and people might argue. Catch up, sweetie.

Anything! If you see something hilarious in a post, or a fight break out, or if you go anon and stir the shit... bitch! send that in! It could be funny!

I want us all to have a good laugh and good gossip. I don't really care about censoring things out because there is no need to. I will keep your name private if you submit a SS, or send in a question or info for a discussion starter about certain groups, members, or drama. If you keep getting told not to bring something up, warned, get your post deleted, ect ect. Bring it here babies, I'll post it for you and let whatever drama you want be discussed here.

Thanks to all my readers! If you read my blog it is a scientific fact you are hot and smart as fuck.



  1. You've taken Fails in a totally different direction. Not sure how I feel about it yet.
    Fails used to be the funny stuff and the throne was the drama.
    Maybe you two should combine

  2. I'd like to mix the funny and the drama. The girls on CM are so serious lately. I'm not opposed to working with the Throne ladies or anyone else with ideas who would like to improve the blog. Thanks so much for your input! I'll make sure to put more funny in so you decide you feel warm and fuzzy about Fails. <3

  3. Oh God. Don't work with the girls on the Throne. I like this blog much better. I know you took a break, but it's a much more enjoyable read. I just hope you have more class than the throne. They have re-posted screenshots of things that should not be seen anywhere. That's JMO, though.

    1. Oops, I just realized I was talking about cliffnotes, haha. Same anon above.
      At least here, replies can't be deleted. So sorry. Thanks for keeping this blog going. I still like this blog much better. : )