Wednesday, October 9, 2013

There was a rumor in HOIR the pics were taken down... Just in case

Is IronBeauty a pornstar? She denies it and says she's laughing at how the stupid the idea is but I'm not so sure...


  1. I think she is lying. Why else would she have fought to get them removed from tumblr?

  2. I saw that! I thought I'd be sweet to my fellow blogger and give her an alternate place for what she blogged just in case it was true. I love cafemomma22's blog Cafe Fails and Funnies, this was an awesome find and I didn't want her to lose it or have that fat porn bitch cry so they were gone. I know I'm not taking them down no matter what she tries.

  3. Nobody wants to see this, even if it is true. its disgusting.