Thursday, October 10, 2013

Psycho fattie bitch group stalking pt1 "Allietramp"

There were more comments of them looking up and then agreeing. Seems to be a theme, here comes part two. I only agent two pages deep in this fucked up group too.


  1. Its only a theme because the one thing they all have in common is Mom2_3Blessings. That woman THRIVES off cafemom. No matter if its good or bad being said about her. She needs cafemom rehab or something. SMH.

  2. She needs something and I'm not sure it's rehab. Maybe if she wasn't wasting her time on stalking multiple CM members she could get some dick. But, if I were her husband I wouldn't let her near me either. Her pussy probably has teeth. And not the cool sharp shark kind but a vagina full of nasty meth teeth. Now, I'm going to go puke after picturing more than I've already seen of her fat ass naked.

    1. * already seen her naked.. wtf?