Sunday, October 13, 2013

My sweet, darling, precious little gossip whores are being too quiet!!! You gotta tell me what you like and want more of, or what I'm missing!

I'm going to make the text a little bigger on this one. I'm looking at the numbers & seeing which posts you read the most. So far, this mom2_3blessings & iron beauty stuff is the most obvious drama I'm seeing, so it's why it is up here frequently. It is also what is looked at the most. 

So, that being said. Send in what you would like to see on here. Suggested groups to join. Send me in your screenshots of drama you see! Have a question or comment about a member, situation, drama, blog post, or any little thing? Send it in! We can talk about it, I don't care as long as you guys are amused & tell me what you what out of this blog. I'm here to entertain us all! Don't be shy, I'm not mean (too often) & I really would love to have the discussions going on between submissions.

I'm even open for ideas & constructive criticism. I have thick skin &  honestly what to know what you ladies think & want from this blog. 

Let me know! Click the link & send in your submissions or whatever else you might has to say.

<3 Panda Bear

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  1. You are doing a good job. There are some interesting cat fights that break out in the news groups. Sitting back and reading the hypocrisy from both sides in those groups is fun. I have seen some good catfights in the Love and Marriage group too.