Monday, October 14, 2013

Beetlejuice!! Beetlejuice!! Beetlejuice!!


  1. I like the hair, it's a wig fyi, but the pants is why this is here.

  2. Those pants are hideous.

  3. I love how so many of the comments are made by people claiming they despise her. Why open her posts if you despise her? I avoid posts about abortion, politics, religion, etc... I also avoid posts by a couple of members. I don't go in an comment several times over to say how much I dislike someone or the topic. Why do people stalk her? I am serious when I ask. Why do they follow her on ig and other sites? I read her posts to watch the psychos who comment. I dislike her, but let's face it, the chick's stalkers bring drama. When I am bored I seek out a 504 post.

    The pants do remind me of Beetlejuice. lol Is the hair a wig? Each person has their own style. To each their own.